Videos taken at CrossFit of Marlborough. (Tons of photos are in Photos.)

Tom practicing bar muscle ups 6-25-2014

Members practicing skills after WOD 11-26-2013

Chris practicing Squat Cleans 6-22-2013

Two videos of CrossFit of Marlborough members at different portions of the 5-21-2013 WOD


Members working on the Quest for 75 Thrusters WOD
5-9-2013 (both videos)


Visitors on 4-27-2013 cranking out the last round!

5 AM session at CrossFit of Marlborough, Marlborough MA on 3-26-2013

Alison doing the Kettlebell portion of the 2-13-2013 WOD

Karen doing Wall Balls portion of the 2-13-2013 WOD

Mike & Nick push presses and kettle bells during 2-5-2013 WOD

Matt G. completes the Saturday 250 Burpees Challenge (12-22-2012)…before he does a WOD

Ball Slams during 12-22-2012 WOD

Couple working out doing Ball Slam portion of WOD (12-22-2012)

6AM Session at CrossFit of Marlborough Friday, 11-30-2012

Thanksgiving Day 7AM Tabata Workout

Keith working WOD 4 of the Paleo Challenge

Kudos to Krissy N who did her first Rope Climb! (10-30-2012)

Gary P. doing Clean N Jerks 10-23-2012

Amanda’s first Double Unders. Congrats, girl!

Matt G completes the last of the 10,000 Burpees he pledged to do. Matt did 100 Burpees per day for 100 days! Very Cool Matt!

Kids working out during the Kids R Fit program Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012. Zoe E. is in front working the rings.

Several teams from CrossFit of Marlborough will be participating in the Sept. 11th commemorative activities this year which include a pledge to tire flip from the facility on Brigham street to the Walker Building AND BACK.

That’s a lot of heavy lifting, and you want to protect yourself from injury as you fatigue. Here’s Tom and Karen demonstrating the correct way to do a tire flip.

Tom introducing the video demonstrating the correct way to do tire lifts.

Karen demonstrating the correct way to do tire lifts.

Chris Practices Thrusters with 165LBS!      6-14-12 at CrossFit of Marlboro

“Team Building with Tire Flips” demonstration outside CrossFit of Marlborough Sunday, 4/15/2012

April 12, 2012 Post-WOD Abs workout

Week 3 of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, Paul B. and Ashby P. do workout 12.3 – an 18-minute AMRAP of 15 Box Jumps, 12 Push Presses, 9 Toes to the Bar (3/9/2012)

(start of CrossFit Open workout 12.3 for Ashby and Paul)

(Last ten minutes of CrossFit Open workout 12.3 at CrossFit of Marlborough)

Week 2 of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, Dan P. and Mike E. do workout 12.2 – Overhead Snatches for 10 minutes, increasing weights as they go (3/4/2012)

CrossFit of Marlborough member Joe Black doing workout 12.2 (Overhead Snatches for 10 minutes, increasing weights as he goes) of the 2012 CrossFit Games (3/4/2012)

Ashby P. and Paul B. doing workout 12.2 of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open – 3/4/2012

Mike E., Dan P., Paul B. doing  Week 1 (exercise 12.1)  for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open. Exercise is to do 7 minutes of burpees. On the jump up, their hands must touch an object 6 inches above their reach. AWESOME job guys!

Ashby’s smokin’ hot after her CrossFit work out 2-22-12

CrossFit members are sprawled all over the facility after completing their CrossFit workout 2-21-12

A peek at Feb. 11’s Open House. CrossFit was packed solid.

Joel continues his push up quest. This time with the CrossFit truck tire! FANTASTIC, Joel!
Video shot Sunday, 1-29-2012

Congrats to Joel doing push ups with 100 Pounds on his back!!!

Rob fun at play after finishing Sunday’s Filthy Fifty – built himself a mini obstacle course of boxes and leap frogged across them. We caught the last three runs! Go Rob! (12-4-2011)

Mike and Rob getting in position for handstand push ups during the 12/4/2011 Filthy Fifty workout. I’m exhausted just watching! Awesome job! CrossFit teaches focus and determination.

Steve in the middle of the Weighted Lateral Lunges part of Sunday’s Filthy Fifty workout (11/27/2011)

CrossFit of Marlborough members having fun with a Human Table after Sunday’s Filthy Fifty workout (11/20/2011)

What do you do after you workout and stretch at CrossFit of Marlborough on a Saturday morning? If you are like Charlie, you come back and muscle out a number of handstand push ups! Awesome job, Charlie! 11-12-11

Elle’s awesome rope climb on Veteran’s Day 11-11-11

Elle working the rings 11-11-11

Where were you this morning when the 5AM group session was having a deadlifts party? (10/27/11)…oh my…

Group burpees during Sunday’s (10/23/2011) Filthy Fifty workout.

Joel is rockin’ it, hanging upside down while working his abs…You go guy!

During the first workouts in the new facility at 3 Brigham St, Marlboro, MA, we catch Rob Seymour doing box jumps as part of Sunday’s Filthy Fifty workout. (10/2/2011)

Six-month pregnant CrossFitter Lisa showing us what FITness is!! (8/29/2011)

Having fun with hand stands after Sunday’s Filthy Fifty workout

Paul climbs the rope with a 30LB bag tied to his waist

Barry Warms Up with a little Wall Ball exercising before taking a BIG LEAP (below)

Barry does a HUGE box jump!

Chris practicing Muscle Ups