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Spring Contest begins… Whose Tattoo is this?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

We’re getting a jump on Springtime and starting the Spring contest today!

This contest series is Whose Tatto is it?

Tattoo contest - tattoo 1

Enter your answer below in comments or online at the CrossFit Group on Facebook. First person to answer correctly, wins a shiny, chilled bottle of water for their next workout!

Can’t find the comments? Click on the title of this post, then scroll down a little and the comments section will be there.

This is open to all CrossFit members – except those who were present when the photo was taken.

Friday-the-Thirteenth Contest!

Friday, January 13th, 2012
Deadlift Scrapes - Who's Legs are these?

Deadlift Scrapes - 1-13-2012

Friday the Thirteenth “Who’s Legs are These?” Contest!

To the right is a photo of scrapes sustained on the dead lift portion of Friday-the-Thirteenth’s workout (1-13-2012) .

Contest = Name the CrossFit Member who sustained these heinous injuries and win a FREE bottle of water at your next workout!

Open to all CrossFit of Marlboro members – except those who attended the same group session, were present when the photo was taken, and friends and relatives of the Member!